At e.dye® the yarn is really where the design process starts.

It’s called, Yarn Forward Thinking™

By controlling the yarn size, denier and filaments, we can control the final garment’s appearance, color and handfeel. This is Yarn Forward Thinking™. The possible yarn sizes we can provide:


Just a bunch of greys? Not to us, each yarn is controlled by filament size and denier. Since we use the solution dye process, yarn is the most important step for us to execute. We take our yarns very seriously!

The final outcome of a textile starts with the Yarn, and the desired color and characteristics desired. We call this Yarn Forward Thinking™. Our yarns have superior colorfastness, and can be developed to meet most performance requirements for polyester.

We can provide POY, DTY, FDY and anything in between. We can assist with texturizing yarn or send to your nominated T2 partner. We work closely in the development to ensure any process added to the yarn still results in the desired color for the end textile.

Melange Yarns have multiple colors staggered inside to create a textured look, we have pioneered melange solution dyed polyester yarns.

More information available upon request info@e-dye.com