Our pigment recipes are called Masterbatch, and they are at the heart of our Solution Dyed Polyester color system.

By suspending pigment combinations in raw polyester chips, we create a stable mixture of color, tied to a mathematically determined recipe. Because the pigment is super concentrated in the Masterbatch, it allows the solution dye process to be streamlined and consistent. The color you see in the sample, is the same for the bulk production, because the same Masterbatch is used.

Each Masterbatch has pigments and, sometimes, dyestuffs that have been acquired from the highest quality sources and must be tested to a quality standard developed by our team of color physicists internally before we can even proceed with trying out color formulas. The Masterbatch gets used in the Solution Dye process, and ensures consistent color, from samples to bulk production.

Since we make our Masterbatch in-house at our Innovation Center, we precisely control the pigment ratios, which results in a completely stable product, in storage for future use.