We have Superior Colorfastness in our Smart High Visibility collection because we capitalized on the inherent benefits of Solution Dyed Polyester. By tailoring a precise pigment Masterbatch recipe for maximum brightness, and extruding it directly into the yarn, we have created the smartest solution for workwear and skiwear. Click the above logo for our fact sheet.

Combining the leading technology in 2, 2.5, and 3 layer lamination with superior colorfastness with Airtech. Because e.dye® fabrics are solution dyed polyester, there is a huge reduction in color migration in relation to lamination. Improving performance without sacrificing the environment is what e.dye® brings with Airtech. Fact sheet coming soon.

We created our own black color, Smart Black, to help understand LAB Color space. After analyzing 8 major brand’s blacks, we pinpointed the most central black we could find, based on this data.  Using the same e.dye® yarn for different products means that lightness becomes the main variation, rather than hue. This results in little to no metamerism issues. Click the above logo for our fact sheet.

We’ve created a stunning collection of Melange and Solid PPT fleeces to expand the possibilities even further. Like all of our other products, Meta Fleece is created using solution dyed polyester, in a wide variety of colors, weights and specifications. Fact sheet coming soon.