Streamlined Color Management


In addition to all the performance benefits of e.dye®, another innovation is our Streamlined Color Management; a more effective system for textile color management. Because the e.dye® Waterless Color System™ delivers superior color consistency, we can more accurately predict color outcomes from samples to production. Each of e.dye® Waterless Color System™ 5,000 extruded yarn colors is bound to a specific color recipe in our Masterbatch – which we manufacture and control. This is unique in the world of solution dyed textiles.

Our color recipe’s are tightly controlled and tied to specific pigment and dyestuff formulas that we create. All of our pigment and dyestuff suppliers are selected according to high quality standards, and are tested internally before their selection and use. By using precise ratios of polyester and pigment, that are repeatable, we can guarantee the most precise color consistency available on the market.

Since e.dye® has mastered the solution dyed polyester process, and utilizes computer-controlled dosing machines in our pilot factory, we have demonstrated an unrivaled color consistency in yarn extrusion, spinning and weaving. These samples become visual guides to select colors and products, which leads to further development and testing. All done in-house, these manufacturing steps must be replicated perfectly in partner mills and solution dye factories.

It can be frustrating when results of color development do not match expectations. With our team of color physicists, we’ve selected a suite of color tools to improve textile color management for our industry. To learn more about the software and hardware we use, and to learn more about the Streamlined Color Management process, please send us an email