How Much Water Did This Garment Save?

This garment used the e.dye® Waterless Color System™, which puts the color inside the yarn, and saves 85% over traditional dyeing methods. Traditional polyester dyeing methods use an average of 22 liters per yard, much more if made from cotton or wool.

The reductions in waste come from a proven process known as solution dye. Solution dyed polyester is a better way to dye synthetic textiles, in fact, it’s really not dyeing at all, but more like extrusion. Learn more here.

By putting the color inside the yarn, this Smart Black™ jacket made with e.dye®, is saving water for future adventures!

Furthermore, this garment used less energy, fewer harmful chemicals, and will resist fading longer than more traditional dye methods. Though this garment’s color was achieved through sustainable methods, it also results in superior performance.

e.dye® relies on LCA’s, or, Life Cycle Assessments to get a fuller sense of the environmental impact we are having, and then compare to traditional dye method’s LCA’s, to achieve our water savings estimates.

We had applied an LCA audit, and completed registration in May 2019, with the publication of an EPD, registration number: S-P-01440 (EPD: To provide relevant and verified information to meet the various communication needs. Learn more about EPD).

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