Own Your Color

How do you differentiate your brand? Product selection? Technical performance? Price? More than ever, purchasing decisions are influenced by color.

Consumers want to support brands that share their values about environmental sustainability, protecting wild places and pursuing adventures. Signature color palettes can make your apparel visually appealing, easily recognizable and reinforce brand loyalty.

The e.dye® Waterless Color System™ represents a unique process in textile dyeing. Compared to traditional piece dyeing, e.dye® delivers superior colorfastness, and a precise color system for matching and consistency.

What color will you choose? A deep red? Vibrant orange? Classic Navy blue?

e.dye® has created detailed formulas for more than 5,000 vibrant colors. Using sophisticated mathematical formulas to define colors, e.dye® offers an unmatched ability to produce consistent dyed yarns season after season.

The e.dye® master batch is mathematically derived pigment and dyestuff formulas that allow production of the exact color time after time. Brands who depend on signature colors for pinnacle products no longer have to worry about colors shifting season to season.

Our Datacolor analysis can show a color developer or designer exactly how different denier and filaments, weaves and knits, reflect light.  We provide physical samples for visual reference along with Datacolor digital analysis. Typically we provide a curve that is an acceptable color match within tolerance in the L*a*b* color space for hue and slightly different along the L* axis (light/dark). We call this process Color Harmony™.”

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Come see for yourself. Our Innovation Center in Kunshan, China is located 90 minutes from Shanghai.  The 160,000 square foot three-story Innovation Center includes a test lab, pilot factory and management offices.

What color will your brand own in 2019?