With traditional methods of coloring fabric, most manufacturers waste 3 gallons of water for every yard of fabric. The current system for dyeing synthetic textiles is based on outdated methods for natural fibers. It’s like putting diesel in an electric car; polyester textile technology has come leaps and bounds, and yet we still do piece dye? Why?

By mastering the solution dyed polyester process, e.dye Waterless Color System presents a paradigm shift in textile dyeing that results in a 85 percent water savings in comparison to traditional piece dyeing, superior colorfastness, and a precise color system for matching and consistency. The e.dye® Waterless Color System can demonstrate very clear water, energy and chemical savings. It requires less energy, reduces CO2 emissions and limits the chemicals used in traditional production processes. 

In addition, sustainable business practices are part of our Core Values, and our mission statement. Beyond taking care of our earth, we believe that taking care of our employees, our facilities and our technologies will result in the most sustainable solution.

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