e.dye® is Sustainable Color for textiles.

e.dye® is a Solution Dyed Polyester color system with over 5,000 colors and a sophisticated color matching process.  e.dye® puts the color inside the yarn: a paradigm shift in textile color.


Most of all, e.dye® uses 85% less water over traditional dyeing methods by putting the color inside the yarn before it is even woven into textiles by using the solution dyed polyester process. Not only does e.dye® not use any water, it also uses 90% fewer harmful chemicals, and results in 12% lower CO² emissions.


Furthermore, e.dye® tightly controls the mixture of pigment and raw material using Masterbatch. This control allows for more precise color-matching, and more consistency, garment after garment.

group of 4 masterbatches-01-solution-dyed-polyester

e.dye® colors will never fade, and will never bleed; e.dye® colors are permanent.