Thank You Performance Days

We had a great time at Performance Days, where the focus topic was, “Water – Our Responsibility.” e.dye® is very proud to be included in this focus, as our core value from the beginning has been on sustainability, particularly the reduction of water usage in the textile dyeing process.

When industry groups like Performance Days embrace these issues, and put them in front of audiences, it can move the conversation further along. Our industry needs to be having the conversation – the environment cannot wait.

In addition to featuring brands and technologies, Performance Days has produced a cornerstone article on this topic, as it relates to the textile industry, and it is absolutely worth a read: WATER OUR RESPONSIBILITY.


e.dye® is proud to be a part of the industry movement towards sustainability, and is delighted to see the trend towards a better future. With so many companies addressing the issues regarding water conservation and pollution, the tide will shift in the favor of the environment.  Link to PDF Version.

Furthermore, e.dye® was proud to introduce some new e.dye® Integrated™ Partners to our roster of T2 suppliers who have adopted e.dye® technology into their products, and highlight our existing partners as well:

MDS Group

LeeJo Textiles

PangRim Textiles

Gold Lion Webbing

These partners are instrumental in e.dye®’s success, and we are proud to present them as e.dye® Integrated™ Partners, producing products with better color that is better for the environment.