Fading Loyalty

The outdoor tribe stands behind apparel that fits their values. There’s often a deep emotional connection to a technical shell that’s helped members of that tribe endure countless rainy, wet, cold adventures. Although technical features like water resistance and breathability influence purchases, color is often the element that turns intent into purchase.

The importance of color shouldn’t fade over the life of the garment. Traditional methods of dyeing yarn require gallons of water, heat and toxic chemicals. At the end of the process, the color coats the outside surface of the yarn. Woven into cloth, the fibers endure exposure to the sun’s rays, abrasion and wear and tear.

Over time and exposure to the elements,  the once vibrant colors of that ‘go-to jacket’ fade. Deep red shifts to washed out pink. The color of that  infrequently used ski pants no longer match the shell worn every day. Bright yellow no longer captures attention to keep a bike rider visible to drivers at dusk.

e.dye® takes a different approach. By adding the color before the polymers are extruded the color is inside the yarn. Since the color is inside the yard in contrast to outside the yarn with traditional water-dye process the color is permanent. The colors won’t fade or bleed on to adjacent colors.

More than ever, color is a defining element in differentiating brands. e.dye®’s Waterless Color System™ can help you create colors that will remain consistent from one garment model to the next, season after season. Using mathematical formulas we can match your brand’s signature colors.

Using mathematical formulas we can match your brand’s signature colors and help you attract members of the outdoor tribe looking for alternatives to tired, worn-out, faded colors. 

We have 5,000 colors to choose from and more coming every day. Our Innovation Center in Kunshan, China is located 90 minutes from Shanghai.  The 160,000 square foot three-story Innovation Center includes a test lab, pilot factory and management offices.