A Signature Color

What colors will represent your brand in Fall ‘19? Plum? Emerald? Chili Oil? Selecting color palettes is a complicated, time-consuming and often frustrating process. Product designers can tell emotion-laden stories about linking a new product launch with a signature color that fell short of expectations.

Traditional color systems take the imaginary color inside the designer’s mind and externalizes it. A designer asks brand decision-makers, “Can we all agree we love that blue?” Traditional dye systems that try to replicate that color produce results with varying degrees of success.


We’ve taken a step back and asked “ How do physicists look at color?” Scientists identify each color in existence in what is called the color space. It’s a 3-dimensional space that mathematically locates every single color that has ever been imagined. In the color space there are formulas that we can use in order to identify where any particular hue or saturated color exists. The color space mathematical formulas give us a reference tool.


At our pilot factory in Kunshan, China,  we’ve created formulas for 5,000 colors. Most important, we’ve created index points inside this 3-dimensional space that we can mathematically identify. With that information we’ve created our Master Batch colors. Those are specific pigment and dyestuff formulas tied to those mathematical color locations. That gives us a way to produce the exact same color time after time. Season after season.


e.dye® Waterless Color System™ simplifies the product designer’s color selection process. The colors that we show already have dyestuff and pigment formula tied to them. We can show you the visual color representation. It’s permanent and can be duplicated time after time. When it comes to color variability, we’ve scientifically erased most of that possibility.

There’s always a new shade in a designer’s imagination. That’s a good thing. We’re inventing new colors every day. We invite you to visit our Innovation Center and tell us what color you have in mind.

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