What If You Could Change the Rules?

Outdoor enthusiast’s purchasing behavior continues to evolve. Traditional criteria like price, fit and color still rank very high in choosing between brands but, in recent years, consumers have added questions about supply chains and manufacturing processes. A growing majority is no longer willing to accept buying a product that has a detrimental impact on the environment.

What if you didn’t have to worry that manufacturing your brand’s technical apparel was polluting the earth?


Traditional fabric dyeing technology adds color to the outside of the yarn. The process requires 22 liters of water per yard and uses toxic chemicals in color binding and results in high CO₂ emissions. There is an incredible amount of heat and chemicals that need to be put into the colorant in order to have it absorbed into a manmade fiber.

The founders of e.dye® Waterless Color System™ have wrestled with this question for years. No longer willing to accept compromises in the way color is selected and manufactured e.dye has changed the rules.

One of e.dye®’s core values is to protect nature. To live up to that ethos, we have to challenge ourselves to change. Through experimentation and experience, we’ve mastered a process that requires absolutely no water to dye synthetics.


The e.dye® Waterless Color System™ uses a proven process known as solution dyeing. By adding the color before the polymers are extruded, the color is inside the yarn. Since the color is inside the yard in contrast to outside the yarn with traditional water-dye process, the color is permanent. The colors won’t fade or bleed on to adjacent colors.

In addition to water savings, e.dye®’s process requires less energy, reduces CO₂ emissions and limits the chemicals used in traditional production processes. Changing the rules can have a positive impact on our industry and our environment.

It’s one of the first sustainable processes that we’ve seen. We can demonstrate a very clear water, energy and chemical savings and the process renders a better product.

1000x500 工廠照片

Come see for yourself. Our Innovation Center in Kunshan, China is located 90 minutes from Shanghai. The 160,000 square foot three-story Innovation Center includes a test lab, pilot factory and management offices.

e.dye® offers outdoor brands a better way to manufacturer technical apparel. By reducing water pollution, apparel brands can demonstrate they share their customers concern for the environment.

Ask yourself, “What if you could change the rules?” e.dye® can help you answer that question.